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Agile Metrics tools

Agile metrics tools allows you to track metrics from different sources in order to identify trends and patterns on how your team performance is affected by its environment Inspired by ‘Agile Metrics in Action’ book and project Pulls data from: Jira Jenkins Github Sonarqube Manual external sources And pushes it to ElasticSearch so that it can be further analyzed in order to find patterns. Inspired by Agile Metrics in Action book and https://github.
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Lego Workstream

Overview: The slackbot helps your team to track their workstream Query metrics and find trends
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Map Event

Overview: Render a map based on a topojson file Highlight areas in a map when an event occurs matching the region name mouse over provides shows a toolip with region information
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Sonarqube in AWS

Overview: Customized sonarqube image Gets deployed on ECS using terraform
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